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Our purpose is to lead people to the Lord Jesus Christ and to help each other become more like Him day by day.

The main focus of the music ministry at Bethel is to ultimately glorify God. Music has always been an important part of worship, but it is not the only part of worship. With that in mind, it is our practice that music be added as a critical form of worship that must be doctrinally correct and aligned with the truths of the Bible.

Our music ministry is rooted in a philosophy that practices primarily intimate corporate worship. We understand the need for our church to worship God in spirit and in truth and that this is best accomplished together.

It is our desire that we incorporate the God given giftedness of each member of the church. Therefore, we worship with choral specials, orchestral and piano accompaniment as well as individual specials.

We desire to have a broad vision in our worship that weaves a variety of musical forms and expressions from both the past and the present. It is our practice to sing many of the classic hymns of worship and praise while incorporating doctrinally rich choruses.