Ministries Korean Spanish Vietnamese School


Our purpose is to lead people to the Lord Jesus Christ and to help each other become more like Him day by day.

Jude 22 “And of some have compassion, making a difference.” All around us, people are struggling, hurting, looking for answers. Unfortunately too many people look for answers in the wrong places. Outreach is our opportunity to point other to Christ, who is the answer they have truly been needing. Our mission is to reach others with the Lord Jesus Christ and help others become more like him day by day. Outreach Ministry includes reaching the neighborhoods around Bethel Baptist Church for Jesus Christ. This outreach ministry attempts to let the community know of the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ and the gift of eternal life.


Bus Ministry which picks up and takes home primarily kids but some adults and families to and from church.


Another way we reach out into our community is to attend local rescue missions and preach the gospel to those who are in need of physical, spiritual, and financial help.


The missions program at Bethel is the heartbeat of our church life. We are currently supporting about sixty foreign and home missions projects.

Other Outreach ministry includes:

  1. Elderly Care includes contacting and caring for the elderly membership who are not available to attend on Sundays. This is an as needed ministry which may involve home visits as well as phone calls.
  2. Wednesday Dinner provided every Wednesday at 6 pm. Allows us to reach children in our school ministry by serving a hot meal and Bible lessons through our KFC (Kids for Christ) program. Our goal is have the parents of these children bring their kids and stay for the meal and church service.
  3. Personal Contact is an as needed ministry in which the pastoral staff will meet with a new visitor of our church. The pastoral staff will be partnered with a church member or another pastoral staff to make these visits.
  4. Hospital is an as needed ministry when a church member or relative of a church member is in the hospital. There is an opportunity to visit with others in the same room or across the hall.